Soil and Water Engineering


Dr.M.S Sidhpuria (Agricultural Engineer)
Dr.Raj Kumar Jhorar (Associate Professor)
Dr.Sanjay Kumar (Scientist)
Krishan Kumar (Assistant Professor)


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Dept. of Soil & Water Engineering
College of Agricultural Engg. & Technology
CCS Hayana Agricultural University
Hisar - 125 004, India.


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Academic Programs:

M.Tech. in Farm Power & Machinery.

Ongoing Research Projects:

Evaluation of farrm irrigation and drainage practices.

Major contributions:

1.Identification of design parameters of sub-surface drainage systems (horizontal tile drainage/skimming well) for reclamation of waterlogged and saline lands. The developed technology is being adopted at the farmers’ fields.

2.A Master Plan for the management of waterlogged and saline lands in Haryana was prepared and submitted to the State Govt.

3. Sprinkler irrigation technology for light textured soils and undulating technology has been developed and is being adopted on large scale in Southwestern part of Haryana State.

4. Drip Irrigation technology for widely spaced horticultural and vegetable crops grown in light sandy soils has been developed

5. Design specifications for surface methods of irrigation viz., Border, Basin and Furrow for various soil types and flow rates has been finalized.

6. Guidelines for the safe use of poor quality (saline) irrigation water for whaet cotton and raya (brassica)- pearlmillet crop rotation under deep groundwater conditions has been developed using field experiments and simulation models.

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Dr. M K Garg
Dean of COAET

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Mailing Address:

College of Agricultural Engineering. & Technology
CCS Haryana Agricultural University
Hisar - 125 004, India.